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Just a bit more than a year left before opening the 8-th forum ECWATECH. Early in June 2008 representatives of water sector of Russia, CIS and foreign countries will meet in Moscow for the 8-th edition of ECWATECH. Time runs very quickly and a two-year period between the forums becomes a stage in rapid development of water supply and waste water treatment sectors in our countries. From this point of view ECWATECH is a milestone, a certain stage of this growth, "progress show", where for the past 12 years conclusions being made, advances being demonstrated and new approaches and solutions being approved. For the whole water industry exhibition ECWATECH is extremely important as an effective platform for marketing and trade.
Publication of this bulletin opens registration for ECWATECH-2008 participation, which according to all unbiased figures will become the biggest, most representative and effective.

Do not waste your time - register for ECWATECH-2008 now!

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