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ScanBalt Forum and Biomaterials Days 2008


The 7th ScanBalt Forum will be organized in Vilnius, Lithuania, September 24th - 26th, 2008 together with ScanBalt Biomaterials Days.
The aim of the Forum is to strengthen the cooperation in ScanBalt BioRegion in the field of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, enhance and encourage the networking of academic and industrial sectors and the development of international collaboration and knowledge exchange by maintaining the stimulating competitiveness both in research and commercial applications.
ScanBalt Forum will include presentations of ongoing and planned projects, discussions on various relevant scientific topics. Organizers also plan a Policy Round Table “Talents back to Top of Europe” with key speakers from governmental institutions and industry discussing attracting back bright scientists to the region.
The main organizer of the Forum - Institute of Biotechnology is the leading biotechnology center in Lithuania active in multidisciplinary studies of restriction - modification enzymes, and the research and development of recombinant biomedical proteins.

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