Конференции и семинары

Vth International Symposium “Design and Synthesis of Supramolecular Architectures”


The Symposium is organized by A.E.Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry (Kazan, Russia) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Kazan State University. It will be located in the Cultural Center of Kazan State University.


The Conference program will include Plenary Lectures, Short Lectures and Poster Presentations. Scientific program will be organized around the following topics:

1. Molecular recognition phenomenon and host-guest chemistry
2. Self-assembly and self-organization systems
3. Biomimetic functional supramolecular systems
4. Inorganic supramolecular chemistry
5. Molecular machines and devices
6. Crystal engineering
7. Development of supramolecular and nanobased materials
8. Supramolecular and nanosystems in biology and medicine