Voronin Vladimir

Web:  www.prm.md
Date of birth:  1941-05-25
Speciality:  inginer-economist
Division Economic and Mathematical Sciences



Mister Vladimir Voronin was born on May 25 1941 in the village Corjova, Dubasari.

In 1961 graduated the Co-operative College from Chisinau, in 1971 graduated the Union Institute for Food Industry, in 1983 – Academy of Social Sciences by the CC of the CPSU, and in 1991- The Academy of The Ministry of Home Affairs of the USSR.

Specialty: engineer-economist, expert in politics, and jurist. His military grade is major general.

He began the work activity in 1961 as the chief of the bakery from the village Criuleni. From 1966 until 1971 had held the functions of the vice-director of the Bread Factory from Criuleni and the director of Bread Factory from Dubasari.

Next ten years he activated in the state administrative organs: town executive committees Dubasari and Ungheni, District Executive Committee Ungheni. From 1983 holds the function of inspector, vice-director of the organizational Section of CC of the CPM. In 1985 is appointed as head of section in the Ministers Council of the MSSR. From 1985 till 1989 had worked as first-secretary of the Town Committee Bender of CPM. In 1989 and 1990 had held the function of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the MSSR.

In 1993 is the co-president of the Organizational Committee for the creation of the Communist Party of the Republic of Moldova. In 1994 is elected, as the first secretary of CC of the CPRM In the same year is candidate for the post of President of the Republic of Moldova.

Vladimir Voronin was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR of Xth and XIth legislatures. In March 1998 he is elected as deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova of XIVth legislature, member in the Permanent Bureau of the Parliament, president of the parliamentary fraction of the CPRM. In February 2001 is elected deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova of XVth legislature.

At April 4 2001 is elected as President of the Republic of Moldova.

Married. Has two children.