Full members, corresponding members, honorary members, scientific researchers, as well as institutional, profile and affiliated members of the Academy of Sciences, working in the same field of science and innovations, are joined in the following devisions:

The division is responsible for the levelof developmentof science in the guided field.

Each division proposes, for the membership of the Assembly and Academy of Sciences,  full members and corresponding members, as well as 13 Doctorоs habilitat, elected by the Assembly of Doctorоs and Doctors-habilitat of the division.

Management of the division is carried out by the bureau which is chaired by a coordinator, with a title of full member or corresponding member, and scientific secretary, with a title of full member, corresponding member, Doctor or Doctor-habilitat.

Coordinator of the division and scientific secretary are elected at the proposals of the President of the Academy of Sciences by the meeting of division for a period of 4 years (but no more than for two consecutive terms).